Danone : Danio Exotic

Production company Rococo and communications agency These Days have recently been guests at Antwerp Loft for the shoot of a new Danone - Danio tv-commercial. The result is a a fresh grassroots tv-ad where we see a youngster working on his surfboard-craft while enjoying an ‘Exotic’-flavored Danio. Yummy.

There’s two more new varieties of Danio which you can spot in the director’s cut of the ad below.

Flavor of the month

Antwerp Loft welcomes all production companies and ad-agencies for their upcoming productions. Since we share the same passion and are in the same business, we do know the drill and work ethic of production. Thank you guys!

Agency: These Days 
Client: Danio
Prod. Company: Rococo Content
TV Producer: Dan Vanderbist
Directors: Jan & Raf Roosens 
Producer: Carolina Pizzulito
DOP: Jake Scott
Art Direction: Johan Vanessche
Styling: Jan Dendievel 
Make-up: Sarah-Kay Renders 
Edit: Ward Geerts
Grading: Kene Illegems


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