De Leugendetector (VIER)

De Leugendetector (VIER) was quite an adventure! It was the first time Antwerp Loft was the décor for a full-blown tv-show. The production company that produced the show, Fremantle Media, was so inspired by our lofts that they decided to use practically all our lofts for their production. Every second broadcasted of ‘De Leugendetector’ (the international format is called to ‘The Lie Detective’) was shot in our lofts.

Full-blown tv-show

From the interviews (the core of the show) to the beauty shots, the trailer on the indoor patio to the photography, very image of the first season was shot at Antwerp Loft. Because the whole site and lofts are so versatile you can use them for almost everything. Also our interior design, props and furnishings have starring roles in the series.

For more info on The Lie Detective, visit (videos and photo material © VIER)


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De Leugendetector (VIER) - Teaser

De Leugendetector (VIER) - Aflevering 2


De Leugendetector (VIER) - Aflevering 1

De Leugendetector (VIER) - Aflevering 3