We think the high street and expensive designer brands give consumers a raw deal. That’s because everyone along the way takes a cut, from agents to landlords. And you - our discerning customer - pay for that cut. So we’re making a stand: taking on the high street to offer you original furniture design at affordable prices. 

Duravit AG, founded in 1817 and headquartered out of Hornberg, Germany, is primarily a manufacturer of porcelain bathroom fittings. Duravit is notable for having employed prominent designers such as Philippe Starck, sieger design, EOOS, Phoenix Design, Frank Huster, Christian Werner and Matteo Thun for its product lines. In recent years, the company has diversified its scope to include other products.

Axor represents the diversity and fascination of individual lifestyles in the bathroom. Comprehensive bathroom collections are created in collaboration with some of the world’s most successful designers. These collections are as individual and as diverse as people themselves, and offer a multitude of different styles: from lively, charming bathrooms/living spaces to nature-inspired havens of tranquillity.

Calm or happy? Warm or creative? Color doesn’t just make a building or room look good. It can add personality and mood, too. At Sikkens we love what color can do – and we try to capture that in every paint we make. It all starts with ideas. We use innovative R&D to produce our range of professional coating systems. Then we make them to the highest standards. And if customers have something specific in mind, they can always call on our experts for personal support.

Sonos began with a mission: Help the world listen better. Make listening out loud easier. More immersive. More rewarding. Bring people together to share experiences. Put technology in the middle. That’s the reason behind everything we do.