Beam product launch

SONOS has been a house favorite for a very long time now, and is what we would call a friend. They have done several mini-events at Antwerp Loft, using practically all of our lofts for their productions. The last one they did was the product launch for their newest addition to the family: Beam.

Home Sessions

What SONOS appreciates so much about our lofts is that they have this cozy ‘home’-feeling about them, and that you can make use of all the spaces to built up a different feel, vibe and atmosphere. Le Boho Chic is more of a gloomy masculine NewYork-ish room for single men with a passion for gadgets and tech thingies. The All-White, on the other hand, can be easily transformed into a cozy family room with lots of ground space for pillows, textile and sheets. And in the lobby you can put a gigantic long table to cater for up to 35 people.

For this particular project, SONOS worked with interior stylist ‘Met Mijke’ to re-style the lofts with a lot of animal skins and neat decorations. Catering was done by Pien’s Veldkeuken. After the event SONOS teamed up with us and decided to fully endorse Antwerp Loft. That’s what we call magic! (photos © Olaf Schouw)


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