The All-White

From our experience as a production company we know how rewarding and versatile a plain white room is. This one has it all: it’s white ànd it has large and high walls with exposed bricks (painted white), ideal if you require gigantic white backdrops with a bit of texture. The room is true ‘loft’-style, meaning it’s not hiding anything: all the piping and electrical wiring is in plain view (the sockets are built-up on the walls). This room was entirely designed by our in-house designer Leen Gebruers, using only furnishings. Come check out this beauty!

Key Features

The All-White has an ensuite and highly visible ‘bathroom’: fully furnished by Duravit and Axor by Hansgrohe. It features the ‘Cape Cod’ collection, designed by Philippe Starck for Duravit: a real eye-catcher. Check out that freestanding bath! The Duravit furnishings are paired with AXOR taps (the high-end luxury brand by Hansgrohe). In case you want that luxurious bathroom-look for your shoot, it’s all there. If you don’t, then just close off the whole thing with a white curtain.

Apart from the bathroom, the All-White also features a mini-kitchen, complete with all the necessary kitchen appliances (fridge with freezer-section, combi microwave/oven, hot and induction kitchen stove). It holds a private restroom (wc) and last but not least, it has a staircase that takes you to a mezzanine that’s entirely furnished as a bedroom, designed with furnishings only. If your shoot or event requires a cozy ‘bedroom’-setting it can be designed as such. If not, it’s extra ‘floor’-space.



The big advantage of Antwerp Loft is that its made of three separate ‘rooms’: it creates privacy for these lofts, especially by closing their resp. doors. But when left open, Antwerp Loft is just one massive, supercool, yummy designed ‘loft’. All the lofts can enjoy:

•superfast WiFi and -if needed- you can surf the net via ethernet cable;

•digital television with AppleTV and Netflix;

•Two fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms (only for production, showroom or event purposes. Due to local regulations, we’re not allowed to let you sleep or stay in these rooms);

•We use a gigantic 60”-television for presentation needs (better than a beamer!). Hook up your laptop with a simple HDMI-cable;

• Next door (1 minute from the loft) is a Proxy Delhaize. Very convenient for all your grocery shopping.


As some examples show we can create a gigantic lunch-or dinner-table with up to 35 people (all at the same table!). But if you require an even more elegant setting we can advise you to make a reservation at The Jane: Sergio Herman’s and Nick Bril’s 3-Michelin star-awarded restaurant literally around the corner. It’s breathtaking and mind-blowing. If you need a more down-to-earth approach for your catering needs you can obviously have a look at more modest (but awesome) options like Bar Vert or De Broodnatie. If you need plenty of different options: take a five minute walk to the best square of Antwerp: De Dageraadplaats. It’s a cozy square with plenty of restaurants around it.



Exposed bricks, high ceilings and industrial looks.

Antwerp Loft is about 166 square meters large (see plan below), excl. 2 mezzanines of about 20 m2 each. The lobby is 9,32 m long and 4,84 m wide. The All-White is 11,81 m wide and 4,68m wide. And Le Boho Chic is 11,73 long and 4,38 m wide. The ceilings are 4,26 m high which make them excellent for video- and photography purposes. We even have profiles against the ceilings which can be used as a technical ceilings for attaching lights etc.