The Lobby

‘The Lobby’ is the actual entrance area at Antwerp Loft, but it can be used for so much more than just a transit zone between ‘The All-White’ and ‘Le Boho Chic’. The Lobby is the main room often transformed into one communal area to cater for big crowds and hold audiovisual presentations.

The room features a lof of recycled wood panelling and exposed white bricks. It does very well for photography, portraits and packshots. Especially if you need some organic background textures. This room was entirely designed by our in-house designer Leen Gebruers, using only furnishings. There’s a ton of unique one-seaters (check out that Shark-chair!) that can pop-up in your visual work needed to.

Key Features

The Lobby is the only room in the house that does not have a mezzanine, which means it enjoys a total ceiling height of 4,26 m. Perfect for photography and video-work as you can attach your lights to the metal profiles under the ceiling. If you don’t need all the fabulous one-seaters and furnishings from, no worries these can alle be removed so you can cater up to 35 people at the same table in this room. Our friends over at SONOS have done this beautifully as shown in the pictures below. Different setups are obviously possible.

Apart from food purposes, if a lot of people need to be seated in the same rooms, this is the place to be. A lot product-launches, meetings and creative get-togethers have been held here. This is where you do the introduction (for everyone), and than afterwards you can have some in-depth focus in The All-White or Le Boho Chic. Perfect!



The big advantage of Antwerp Loft is that its made of three separate ‘rooms’: it creates privacy for these lofts, especially by closing their resp. doors. But when left open, Antwerp Loft is just one massive, supercool, yummy designed ‘loft’. All the lofts can enjoy:

•superfast WiFi and -if needed- you can surf the net via ethernet cable;

•digital television with AppleTV and Netflix;

•Two fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms (only for production, showroom or event purposes. Due to local regulations, we’re not allowed to let you sleep or stay in these rooms);

•We use a gigantic 60”-television for presentation needs (better than a beamer!). Hook up your laptop with a simple HDMI-cable;

• Next door (1 minute from the loft) is a Proxy Delhaize. Very convenient for all your grocery shopping.


As some examples show we can create a gigantic lunch-or dinner-table with up to 35 people (all at the same table!). But if you require an even more elegant setting we can advise you to make a reservation at The Jane: Sergio Herman’s and Nick Bril’s 3-Michelin star-awarded restaurant literally around the corner. It’s breathtaking and mind-blowing. If you need a more down-to-earth approach for your catering needs you can obviously have a look at more modest (but awesome) options like Bar Vert or De Broodnatie. If you need plenty of different options: take a five minute walk to the best square of Antwerp: De Dageraadplaats. It’s a cozy square with plenty of restaurants around it.



Exposed bricks, high ceilings and industrial looks.

Antwerp Loft is about 166 square meters large (see plan below), excl. 2 mezzanines of about 20 m2 each. The lobby is 9,32 m long and 4,84 m wide. The All-White is 11,81 m wide and 4,68m wide. And Le Boho Chic is 11,73 long and 4,38 m wide. The ceilings are 4,26 m high which make them excellent for video- and photography purposes. We even have profiles against the ceilings which can be used as a technical ceilings for attaching lights etc.